Petrochina daqing oilfield offshore business establishment "three-step" development path

On February 14, petrochina daqing oilfield exports of Canada 912 type pumping unit. The New Year, daqing oilfield policy to seize opportunities, vigorously develop the overseas market, deployed overseas business planning, the scale leaping development.

In recent years, daqing oilfield firmly implement the "going out" strategy, overseas business development. At the end of last year, the company party flag "about being a good benchmark of daqing oilfield construction for the opinions of the oil field in one hundred clearly pointed out that to" be a good measure of scientific production, to 2030 years or even longer period, daqing oil field continues to develop effective keep more than 40 million tons of oil equivalent, offshore oil and gas equivalent to "half", improve the degree of internationalization." Group company will rise to daqing oilfield overseas business development group company's overall strategic height, for daqing oil field using the "two resources" "two markets" development to create extremely favorable conditions.

Daqing oilfield clear "three steps" to realize spanning development path. As a first step, to advance transfer project development, implementation projects a smooth transition, rights and interests of production rising steadily. Second, actively develop new cooperation project scale development, efforts to develop new project, for large blocks. The third step, to realize leaping development relying on innovation drive, promoting oilfield marketing.the, core technology standardization, industrialization, go to technology lead the market, in order to create demand, the development of the technology to build brand road.

To seize opportunities, seeking spanning development. Daqing oilfield to speed up the overseas related project transfer, actively participate in related project evaluation in the Middle East, set the power of the whole oil field events docking and development operations, efforts to achieve outside to fill in, to supplement, build business development new pattern.

Integration of resources, expand the scale of overseas. Daqing oilfield optimizing the allocation of market resources, build sharing and openness, promote the business based on a drive to go out each other, promote the construction of oilfield development, engineering technology, engineering, petroleum equipment, production services, a variety of business and other business to achieve a breakthrough.

Promote team, strengthen the human security. Through the intersection, the training of the whole system form, daqing oil field in overseas business, technology and management talent reserves, to support the exploration technical management positions to hire third party personnel, promoting overseas projects operating post ShuDeHua, strive for the main target market ShuDeHua levels by more than 70%, further improve the ability of global operations.

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